One Day Stain Advantages

One Day Stain is not reactive and therefore produces a consistent effect every time even over completely different slab colors, patch work or cracks. It can be done in any color including white which is very trendy right now.

One Day Stain is also ready for traffic in a few hours and thus is a candidate for overnight return to service for establishments that do not close their doors. One Day Stain products almost no VOCs and meets all Leed Platinum standards. It is so non-toxic that it can be used while a business is open without creating harm to patrons.

It is excellent because of its quick return to service times but some of the other advantages are that it can be done in any color or combination of colors. One Day stain is not dependent on the concrete being consistent in adjacent slabs as it masks irregularities, patchwork and even completely different colors of concrete.

The One Day Stain moniker comprises Urethane 528 (primer and color) Superstains or iCoat Dispersion colors for pigmentation which is mixed as needed by the applicator and Urethane 2112 (top coat) Additionally Renew, an acrylic finish, can be added as a maintainable and sacrificial top coat.

The One Day Stain is applied similarly to acid stain for similar effects. It can also be mixed as an opaque stain to hide variations in concrete colors. This is generally sprayed from a back pack sprayer and then backrolled and crosshatched. After it is dry enough to walk on additional colors can be applied for various effects. You can also use spike shoes and apply wet over wet for even more effects.

The One Day Stain generally dries in less than an hour and is ready for the next step. The average project is about 3000 sq/ft and takes about 5 hours start to finish after concrete prep.

Where Can One Day Stain Be Used?

Commercial and residential applications. Bars, restaurants, office complexes, malls, pool decks, patios, walkways and home interiors are all great places to use the One Day Stain. The One Day Stain essentially has no learning curve, it is very easy to get great results and is forgiving because it can be applied over itself again if desired.

Is Training Available?

iCOAT has training on video which is effective because of the ease of application. Formal training is not required to purchase this product.